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2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand

2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand
2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand
2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand
2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand
2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand
2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand

2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand    2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand
BRAKE DISC FOR RENAULT MODUS/GRAND CLIO/III/Hatchback/Van/EURO/CAMPUS/Sportour. All tech data details in the listings description section are provided from official manufacturers' tech databases. Thank you for your understanding. MODUS / GRAND MODUS (F/JP0_). CLIO III Hatchback Van (SB_, SR_). EURO CLIO III (BR0/1, CR0/1). CLIO CAMPUS III (BR0/1, CR0/1). 1.4 16V (BM0B, CM0B). MEGANE II Sport Tourer (KM0/1_).

1.2 (JP0C, JP0K, FP0C, FP0K, FP0P, JP0P, JP0T). 1.6 (JP03, JP0B, JP0U, JP0Y, JP1G). 1.5 dCi (FP0G, JP0G).

1.5 dCi (FP0F, JP0F). 1.5 dCi (JP0G, JP0H). 1.2 (FP0C, FP0K, FP0P). 1.5 dCi (LS0J, LS0Y).

1.2 16V (BR02, BR0J, BR11, CR02, CR0J, CR11). 1.2 16V (BR0R, BR1D, BR1L, CR0R). 1.6 16V (BR09, BR0T, CR09, CR0T). 1.6 16V BR05, BR0B, BR0Y, BR15, BR1J, BR1M, BR1Y, CR0B...

1.5 dCi (C/BR0G, C/BR1G). 1.5 dCi (BR17, CR17). 1.5 dCi (BR0H, CR0H, CR1S, BR1S).

1.6 16V LS09, LS0L, LS0M, LS0P, LS0V, LS18, LS1S, LS1V... 1.6 16V (KS0L, KS0M, KS0P, KS1S).

1.5 dCi (BR1C, CR1C). 1.2 16V (BR0P, CR0P). 1.2 16V (KR02, KR0J). 1.5 dCi (KR1C, KR1N). 1.5 dCi (KR0H, KR1S). 1.2 (BR01, BR03, BR0E, CR0E). TONDAR 90 I Estate (KS_). 1.6 (KS0L, KS0M, KS0P, KS1S).

1.5 dCi (FP0E, JP0E). 1.2 16V Hi-Flex (KR0S). 1.2 16V Hi-Flex (BR1U, CR1U). 1.6 16V GT (BR10, CR10).

1.5 dCi (FP0D, JP0D). 1.2 Ethanol (CR1U, BR1U).

LARGUS Estate Van (KS0_, RS0_, KSA_). 1.5 160 SR (YK12).

1.5 dCi (US00, US0J, US0Y). 1.2 16V Hi-Flex (KR1U). You can use YMM compatibility chart, but we want to pay your attention, that it was made as a general guide only. If you have doubts, questions regarding fitment or any other requests, please, contact Elart tech support for assistance. Strictly important to provide VIN code and detailed car information with your request since there can be different options for your car specific tech characteristics.

The VIN 17-character number (digits and capital letters) can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle or on the driver's side door and look at the door post. Packages sent by courier require signature. If you need our assistance, please let us to know.

If you see that the package that courier tries to deliver is damaged, please fill up the claim form or do not accept it. NOTIFY US right away, we will arrange a replacement/reimburse your order A. This option works 30 days after the customer manager support contacted you. Items that are sent in vacum or lubricated film cannot be opened if the retuns is issued. Please let us to know if you have not received our feedback, we will give feedback manually. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car Parts & Accessories\Brakes & Brake Parts\Brake Disc Rotors".

The seller is "elartcom" and is located in this country: LT. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Brand: JURID
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 562268JC
  • Model: LOGAN Pickup (US_), MODUS / GRAND MODUS (F/JP0_), LOGAN MCV (KS_), CLIO III Hatchback Van (SB_, SR_), LOGAN EXPRESS (FS_), ASLK 2140, CLIO III (BR0/1, CR0/1), EURO CLIO III (BR0/1, CR0/1), CLIO CAMPUS III (BR0/1, CR0/1), LUTECIA III (BR0/1, CR0/1), CLIO III Grandtour (KR0/1_), CLIO III Sportour (KR0/1_), NOTE (E11, NE11), MEGANE II (BM0/1_, CM0/1_), MICRA III (K12), MARCH III (K12), MEGANE II Saloon (LM0/1_), MEGANE II Estate (KM0/1_), MEGANE II Grandtour (KM0/1_), MEGANE II Sport Tourer (KM0/1_), MICRA C+C III (K12), LOGAN (LS_), 1410 Saloon, TIIDA Hatchback (C11), VERSA Hatchback (C11), LATIO Hatchback (C11), LOGAN I Estate (KS_), TONDAR 90 I Estate (KS_), SANDERO, LARGUS Estate Van (KS0_, RS0_, KSA_)
  • Compatible Vehicle Make: DACIA, RENAULT, MOSKVICH, NISSAN, LADA
  • UPC: 3306437218825
  • EAN: 3306437218825
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: KR0/1_ BR0/1 CR0/1 F/JP0_ LS_ K12 KS_ E11 NE11 FS_ SB_ SR_ US_, BM0/1_ CM0/1_ LM0/1_ KM0/1_ R90 C11 F90 K14 GFL_ D4F 740 K9K 796, CG12DE CR12DE CR14DE K9K 704 K9K 752 K7J 710 K7M 710 K4M 697 K4M, 690 K4M 696 K9K 792 CG10DE D4F 764 K7M 818 K4J 780 K4J 770 D4F, 744 K9K 722 D4F 742 K9K 764 K9K 770 K9K 772 K9K 766 K9K 708 K9K, 276 K7M 800 K9K 768 K9K 750 K9K 892 K9K 292 K4M 862 HR16DE K9K, 790 K4J 732 K4J 730 K4J 740 D4F 706 K4M 804 K4M 800 K4M 801 K9K, 714 K9K 774 VAZ-K7M 102-00 VAZ- K4M K9K 700 D4F 786 K4M 698 K4M, 694 D4F 784 CGA3DE K9K 760 K4M 790 K4M 791 K4M 794 K9K K9K 278, MR18DE HR15DE BR10DE B4D 410 K9K 628 H4B 408 HR09DET K7M 718 K9K, 794 BA3 21179 VAZ-11189 LADA 7701207795 NISSAN 402064AA1A, 402066478R 40206AX600 40206AX602 40206AX603 7701207795, D0206AX60MRV RENAULT 7701207795 8671016813 DACIA 7701207795, 8671016813 ATE 24.0110-0174.1 24.0122-0216.1 24012202161 422216, PAGID 54192 VALEO 186764 297764 BOSCH 0 986 479 103 0 986 479 943, 0 986 479 B73 0986479080 0986479103 BD2074 CD1117 TEXTAR 92022400, 92022405 92119200 92119203 98200119201 98200119201PRO CHAMPION, 562268CH JURID 562230J 562230JC 562268J 562268JC BENDIX 520149, 521958 562230B 562230BC 562268B 562268BC MAGNETI MARELLI 132862.4, 1328624 HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J3301088 MINTEX MDC1607 MDC1607C, QUINTON HAZELL BDC5369 BDC5369P GRAF DF29641 FEBI BILSTEIN 24165, TRW DF4267 DF4364 BREMBO 09.9078.10 09.9078.11 09.9078.1X, 09.9078.75 09907810 FERODO DDF1201 DDF1201-1 DDF1201C DDF1201C-1, DUM562268 ZIMMERMANN 470.2416.00 470.2416.20 470.2416.52, 470241600 FTE BS5369 BS5369B TRISCAN 812025131 DELPHI BG3762, BRECO BS8450 BORG & BECK BBD4391 METELLI 23-0641 23-0641C 230641, HP (ZEBRA) 58223 NK 202264 312264 MEYLE 16-15 521 0039 16-15 521, 0039/PD REMSA 6683.10 668310 ROADHOUSE 6683.10 668310 JAPANPARTS, DI013 ICER 78BD7795 78BD7795-2 QH Benelux 58141 NATIONAL NBD1230, NBD1284 A. 17541 LPR N2003V N2003VR TRUSTING DF972 KAVO PARTS
  • Unit Quantity: 2
  • Type: Brake Disc Rotor

2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand    2x Brake Disc For Renault Modus/grand